The original seven Directors of the Veterans Council of Northwest Arkansas in the Spring of 2001. Les Glader, Richard LaBrie, Art Leu, Vern Watten, Burt Schlinder, Robert Johnson and Leonard Eisert.

Our Founders

The Veterans Council of Northwest Arkansas, a 501(c)(3) organization, was formed in 2001 with the mission of honoring America’s veterans, who have
contributed so much to securing the freedoms we enjoy today. The Veterans Council is responsible—through generous donations—for the construction of the Veterans Wall of Honor in Bella Vista.

Honor Guard

Honor Guard is a ceremonial guard, is a usually military in nature, appointed to receive or guard a head of state or other dignitaries, the fallen in war, or to attend at state ceremonials, especially funerals. In principle any military unit could act as a guard of honor.

Our organization supports and works with our local “Honor Guard.” We honor and remember our veterans in life and as they pass from this life. Our Honor Guard can provide Military Honors at a funeral occurring within Northwest Arkansas. A veteran’s send-off is demonstrating a nation’s gratitude for the veteran’s valor and service.

You may contact your local funeral home director to initiate a request for Military Funeral Honors for a deceased Veteran. You will need to provide proof of military service in the form of a DD-214 or Statement of Service.

We invite you to be a part of our organization. Members help honor veterans, participate in events and grow our network. Click here to learn more.



We’d love your support.

Through generous donations we are able to maintain The Veterans Wall of Honor and complete our expansion plans. Your donation will go a long way in helping us achieve our vision and continue our mission of honoring veterans.